Magazine Reviews

Elle Magazine

"People definitely have a different glow and improved texture to their skin, and skin is more hydrated. We're getting radiance, plus improving fine lines and wrinkles."

W Magazine

"The next day people look so radiant."

Here's what the dermatologists are saying

Dr. Brandt

"I used the system with a special anti-aging serum from Germany and they seem to help pigmentation, texture, pores, fine lines ..."

Dr. Brandt

"Well, our results have been amazing. I just did one of my nurses. And the next day, her skin radiancy increased like tenfold. And each day she keeps looking better and better. And some of the results we’ve seen have been improvement in pigmentation which was totally unexpected by me. We’ve also seen improvement in skin texture, pores and fine lines and wrinkles."

Dr. Brandt

"I’m really, really quite excited about this. It doesn’t have any down time, and we’re using it on all skin types and color. And we’re not just using it on the face, we’re using it on the chest, the neck, the hands. One of my patients wanted me to do her arms."

Dr. Brandt

"You're gonna be making waves with our new serum injection into the skin."

Dr. Elias

"We love it as a "Mega Facial" that gives unbelievable results to boost any skin product we introduce via the microchannel infusion technology."

Dr. Goldberg

"It takes a prune and makes it look like a plum."

Customer Reviews

Kim Ann Blogger

"I’m gonna have to say I’m a little obsessed with the system..., you can use it to fill enlarged pores! You can also use it to smooth fine lines, as well as to make large pores look smaller...You can use also use anti-aging products deep into your skin."

Emily W.

"The treatment felt amazing – was fast – and I walked out with radiant skin. Next day I was luminous!! I loved this so much and plan to do it every few months. I was immediately excited and falling in love with it on the spot!"

Jessica S.

"It has made my skin smoother because I have acne scars, helping my acne scarring and making my skin smoother and brighter!"

Michelle C.

"I used A.S.A.P! Micro Infusion System with Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum. It took about 5 minutes to treat my entire face area and I applied the left overs to my neck. The effect was amazing. Such a visible difference. It kept the moisture better than normal even until this morning (4 days passed). My skin is so hydrated and radiant."

Ken M.

The A.S.A.P.! Micro infusion system is great for male faces. It applies the serum quickly and evenly while still maintaining that natural manly look that we all want.

Jennifer H.

"The A.S.A.P! Micro Infusion System allows me to spot treat specific areas on my face, such as dark spots and acne scars. It is amazing knowing that for just a few seconds a day, I am treating my problem areas as a professional would."

Kate W..

"I like the versatility of A.S.A.P! Micro Infusion System. I can use my favorite serum and by delivering it into my skin, it enhances the results. My skin has never looked better."

Tammy A.

"It is a great option for people like me who does not have a whole day to go in and out of a spa for a facial. I spent just under 5 minutes with the A.S.A.P! Micro Infusion System and achieved an immediate effect, with results lasting much longer than a typical facial would."